In 2016 the city of Milan supported a bottom-up crowdfunding initiative by allocating EUR 400,000 as co-funding for projects of public interest with a social impact. In the first phase, a crowdfunding platform was chosen through a public procurement tender. In the second phase, innovative projects were gathered through a public call and then assessed by an evaluation committee.

Eighteen projects featured on the crowdfunding platform in four rounds, each lasting 50 days, to gather the donations from the community. The projects that collected 50% of their budget from donations were awarded the remaining 50% by the City of Milan in co-funding.

This civic crowdfunding initiative in Milan represents the first case in Italy of a local government using a crowdfunding platform for such match-funding. It has been an opportunity to experiment with innovative ways of financing projects of public interest by encouraging the pooling of public and private resources and by promoting the direct involvement of citizens.

Project owner:

Cristina Tajani, Councillor for Labour Policies, Economic Development, Commerce and Human Resources, Milan Municipality, Italy

(Innovation in Politics Awards Finalist 2018)