In 2016, the first edition of the Green Budget was announced in Lublin, Poland. The idea was that every resident could participate directly in the creation of new green areas or the revitalisation of existing ones. PLN 2 million were allocated for the implementation of the first Green Budget. Residents’ applications could take the form of full construction documentation, a land development concept or just a description of the idea with an indication of the place and nature of the proposed green area. The only requirement was that it had to be in a public space.

As a result of the first edition of the Green Budget, the residents, district councils, non-governmental organisations and housing cooperatives submitted 107 applications for a total of PLN 16 million, which were then subjected to a two-stage evaluation: formal and thematic. Apart from meeting pre-defined selection criteria, projects had to significantly improve the quality of the city’s green spaces. 24 projects were put forward for implementation.

Project owner: Krzysztof Zuk, Mayor of Lublin, Poland

(Innovation in Politics Awards Finalist 2018)