Ii is a small town in the north of Finland. Back in 2012 the community realised that the climate crisis was really changing the world and that they had to take action. The Arctic is the area most affected by global warming, but Ii did not have the resources or expertise to make a difference. Equipped with a shared vision, they began.


The municipality welcomed everyone to participate and it turned out that it was the children who were most enthusiastic. Every child in the town is now participating. One example: Schools and day-care centres measure their consumption of water, heat and electricity and receive 50% of the savings they make. They learn that it makes sense to be climate-friendly, that their actions have an impact and that it is possible to make a difference. So far, the town of Ii has cut emissions by 60%.


Project owners:
Ari Alatossava, Mayor of Ii, Finland

Leena Vuotovesi, Managing Director, Micropolis LtdĀ 

(Innovation in Politics Awards Winner 2019)