The Grand Walk of Athens will connect Athens’ historic neighbourhoods to its world-class archaeological treasures for the first time, and invites Athenians and visitors to join in the conversation about this plan.

We are starting to realise our new vision for promoting democracy with the Grand Walk of Athens, a multiyear project which encourages citizens to reimagine public space and change the way we determine our priorities as a city government.

The project calls for more than 6 kilometres of cycling and walking paths, creating corridors that will no longer be designated exclusively for car traffic, but which should be safe for a mix of uses and ready for sustainable mobility. The project also creates space for expanding the green canopy, giving our city more shade and cool places to help us face the challenges posed by an increasing number of extreme heat waves. 

The project began with a pilot phase that encourages citizens’ participation in the realization of the project, allowing them to see their ideas implemented with much greater speed than a typical city project and before the changes become permanent. We hope these new procedures will lead us toward a future that is more accessible, inclusive, and resilient.

Project owner: Kostas Bakoyannis, Mayor of Athens