Building the

European Capital
of Democracy

Willkommen zur Initiative Europäische Demokratie-Hauptstadt


Ab September 2021 wird jedes Jahr eine andere europäische Stadt zur Europäischen Demokratie-Hauptstadt gewählt. Sie dient als Bühne für all diejenigen von uns, die sich dafür einsetzen, die Demokratie zu stärken und zu erneuern. 


Wir – Bürger/innen, Politiker/innen, Expert/innen, Aktivist/innen, Künstler/innen, Stiftungen, Verwaltungen, Wissenschaft und die Geschäftswelt – werden dort zusammenkommen, um gemeinsam zu tun, was getan werden muss. 

Und jetzt geht es los.


Die Feinde der Demokratie schlafen nicht. Wir auch nicht.

Unsere Unterstützerinnen und Unterstützer

Helfen Sie mit!

Wir laden Sie ein, gemeinsam mit uns Best-Practice Beispiele für demokratische Politik zu finden. Wenn Sie herausragende Projekte kennen, die wir auch kennenlernen sollten, schicken Sie uns bitte eine E-Mail. Vielen Dank!

Best Practice in der Demokratie

Legen Sie mit uns den Grundstein für die Europäische Demokratie-Hauptstadt!

Wir arbeiten für ein starkes Europa mit resilienten Demokratien auf Basis unserer gemeinsamen Werte des sozialen Gleichgewichts, des Wohlstandes und der Menschenrechte.

Als Europäische Demokratie-Hauptstadt werden Städte zu international sichtbaren Zentren der Demokratie und des demokratischen Diskurses: wo Bürgerinnen und Bürger erleben, wie echte Demokratie funktionieren kann und ihr Vertrauen in diese beste aller Regierungsformen zurückgewinnen.

Wenn Sie wissen möchten, wie es mit der Europäischen Demokratie-Hauptstadt weitergeht, machen Sie mit.

Stimmen zur Demokratie


Former Chairman of the ‘Solidarity’ movement, former President of Poland, Nobel Peace Prize winner 1983

“While we reflect on the historic victory of the Polish Solidarity movement on its fortieth anniversary, we need to address the fact that our freedom and openness are in crisis. To defend the free and open world we need to firmly stand up to challengers that see our values and way of life as a threat. We need to make people feel once again that institutions represent them and are accountable to their voices.”



Mayor of Sofia, Bulgaria

In our Europe, democracy is not a concept, but participation and policies that improve quality of life. The key to achieving this goal is to highlight best practice and efforts in the fields of policy, education, culture, social inclusion and innovation.


Democracy scholar and independent consultant for democratic innovation and political education

Democracy and cities have a common tense: the future. Both democratic negotiation as well as urban cohabitation are based on permanent change. There are no final certainties, everything is subject to the demand to change. With their promise of the future, cities are constantly attracting new ideas and people who are realising the ideal of democracy as foreign friends. The micropolitical experiences of the city have a great impact, often transversely to national structures. From Krutikov’s Flying City to the real utopias of municipalism, it is always about the question: How do we want to live together tomorrow, as strangers, next door to one another?


Executive City Councillor for Education, Integration, Youth and Personnel, Vienna, Austria

Cities have always been centres of democracy. But today they face the challenge of a growing gap between the residential population and the enfranchised population, which leads to problems regarding the democratic legitimacy of political decisions. Cities are therefore particularly called upon to facilitate the participation of all residents, by means of democratic innovations. Democracy is not a point of arrival but a process in which cities need to continually develop. Vienna is a good model in this regard, because it develops formats that enable all of the city’s inhabitants to actively participate in shaping the place where they live. Strengthening this will be a key objective of innovative, democratic cities in the future.


Partner and Global Head of Terra Numerata, Roland Berger, former French Minister of Innovation and Digital Affairs

Today, improving politics is essential for democracy in the changed environment. In daily work, it might often seem that there are good reasons not to change. So we need to provide encouragement and rewards – like the European Capital of Democracy initiative does – for offering new and real democracy to all.



We may exhaust ourselves in outrage over a lot of things these days. Forgetting that we always have the chance to act instead. The European City of Democracy initiative is putting the spotlight on those who are taking action already – for human rights, for democracy, for us. That is why I want to be part of it. Still outraged, but in a focused way for a change.


Wenn Sie mehr Informationen wünschen, kontaktieren Sie uns!