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Become Part of the Programme Year: Organisation

Become Part of the Programme Year: Organisation

Barcelona is the first European Capital of Democracy. Starting in autumn 2023, the Programme Year will host a whole series of activities in the city in order to celebrate democracy, debate pressing challenges, and showcase best practices.

Together with a wide range of partners like you, we will create an engaging, diverse, and inclusive programme for a Europe-wide audience. The goal is to create an inclusive democratic experience that attracts people from all walks of life. We want to bring different voices to the table to hear their ideas, perspectives and concerns. That’s why we are delighted that you will be part of it and bring your format and audiences to Barcelona.

Alongside more traditional events like conferences and exhibitions, there will be a whole host of innovative formats, including hackathons, interactive theatre, public interventions, festivals, and participatory projects. So please feel free to propose an existing format or experiment with a new, creative design. We want to avoid hosting a series of isolated events taking place behind closed doors in a conference room somewhere. Instead, the idea is to establish a close connection to the residents of the title-holding city. They will be a cornerstone of the programme, every activity in the Programme Year should be a chance for them to get involved.

We want to support you in the best possible way to organise your activity in Barcelona. That is why, we kindly ask you to provide us with all the necessary information by filling in this form.
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ECoD Features

ECoD strives for an interactive, inclusive and diverse Programme Year that adds democratic value, creates a European impact, and attracts citizens to actively participate. It fosters and celebrates democratic and participatory approaches, which shall be reflected in the event design of the ECoD Programme Year. We would like to ensure that each format covers some of the following aspects.
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