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ECoD Team


Members of the ECoD Team

Our all-star team has one joint mission: Making democracy great again in Europe!

Stefan Sindelar,

Stefan started his professional career in media and technology, entered politics for the launch of NEOS, serving as Director of the Parliamentary Group and Managing Director of the party. His work experience includes various settings: from NPOs and start-ups to companies and politics, with a strong focus on building, growing and developing disruptive products.

Dunja Ganser,
Senior Consultant

Dunja is a versatile expert in project development and management. Bringing new ideas to life, acting as an experienced guide through this process and understanding each target group’s hope and wishes are the main tasks she carried out in various fields – the arts world, policy-making and media projects

Ewa Szymera,
Project Assistant

Ewa is an experienced project coordinator, passionate about initiating, leading, and managing social and digital initiatives. Her passion is driven by accelerating gender equality and alleviating social exclusion.
Ewa is a co-founder of the Pink Box Foundation: one of the most known organisations fighting period poverty and stigma in Poland.