Truth, Lies &


A hybrid on-site experience and activist game jam assembled the European gaming community to take a stand for democracy.

This program should bring on board many of Europe’s 350 million gamers to the fight against "fake news" – as this group has it in their power to really make a difference, fast!

The pilot event took place from 17-19 May 2024 in Barcelona. European teams travelled to Spain and joined local teams to take part in this project.


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Truth, Lies & Democracy

Who is this program for


the learning process implies not only technical knowledge but delving into topics such as democratic decision-making mechanisms, disinformation, deep fakes, privacy and  the impact of new technologies on society.

will connect their brands to this innovative format and to fighting fake news, resulting in the overall strengthening of a free and fair society.


will be able to join activities and experience decisions and stories first-hand, which can inspire broader conversations in their circles, with a multiplier effect.

Civil Society

First edition: 17 - 19 May 2024 in Barcelona

  • The opening took place on Friday, 17 May in Barcelona. Teams worked simultaneously in a 3 day game jam to develop video games and interactive proposals centered around fake news. 

“Western democracies are currently not strong enough to face propaganda actors."

Emmanuel Macron
President of France
(Credit: Elysse)

“Fake news is [...] breeding on the grounds of uncertainty, anxiety and the rapidly changing news cycle [...] some of it can really harm people.” 

 Ursula Von der Leyen
President of the European Commission
(Credit: EU//Christophe Licoppe)

Fake news is a threat to democracy. Political disinformation threatens the foundations of democracy as it

  • decreases faith and confidence in elections 
  • 3 local and 3 European teams had access to open talks and mentorship from renown professionals from the gaming industry, technology, politics and communication Ned Howey from Tectonica gave a keynote and an outstanding group of mentors supported the teams: Lasse Löpfe, (CITM) Violeta Moldes ( UPF) Oscar García Pañella, (ENTI-UB) Olga fedorova y Marc Palomar Soler (Gameloft BCN), Andres Zardain, (Nimble Giant )Claudia Ocaranza Abascal, ( and Cristina Figueras (Verificat ).
  • In a closing ceremony, all results were showcased and publicly presented remaining online and accessible to everyone here.

Democracy at stake

  • reduces belief in professional journalistic work
  • erodes trust in government
  • leads to an increasing general mistrust within society

This is why Truth, Lies & Democracy will be a central element of the yearly programme implemented in the European Capital of Democracy. 

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Why games matters

Europe holds 4900 game studios and 200 game distributors and has over 386M players, 50% of the population between the ages of 6 to 64 play video games. 

As systems of decision-making and mass participation, digital games can promote the founding values of the European project and foster democracy. The format shows the importance of designing interactive education programs 

Creating video games can mean giving voice to the new generations about how our democracies have to adapt to the new cultural and political scenarios. 

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