Truth, Lies &


A new format that will motivate and empower Europe’s 350 million gamers to take up the fight against “fake news”.

To make this format happen in the European Capital of Democracy, we are looking for partners. 

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Truth, Lies & Democracy

An initiative to strengthen democracy


The effects of fake news,  misinformation and disinformation pose a major threat to democracy. This is why Truth, Lies & Democracy will be a central element of the yearly programme implemented in the European Capital of Democracy. 

In this way, the format adds value for all stakeholders involved:


are provided with a challenging and entertaining experience on how to identify and counter fake news

provides hands-on measures to strengthen democracy in Europe 
and beyond

Capital of Democracy

connect their brands to this innovative format, resulting in the of strengthening of democracy


The Challenge

Finding the best fake news fighter in Europe

We have been a trusted institution for more than five years, protecting the interests of clients and experts alike. How it works:

A 3-weeks-long online and on-site competition for gamers 

By solving  questions or tasks, participants collect points

Winners of the shows and the overall format are awarded with prizes


Fake news is a threat to democracy

A prominent programme element called Truth, Lies and Democracy will address this issue in the European Capital of Democracy.

Political disinformation threatens the foundations of democracy as it

  • decreases faith and confidence in elections 
  • leads to an increasing general mistrust within society
  • erodes trust in government
  • reduces belief in professional journalistic work

“Western democracies are currently not strong enough to face propaganda actors."

Emmanuel Macron
President of France
(Credit: Elysse)

“Fake news is [...] breeding on the grounds of uncertainty, anxiety and the rapidly changing news cycle [...] some of it can really harm people.” 

 Ursula Von der Leyen
President of the European Commission
(Credit: EU//Christophe Licoppe)