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Pre-register now for the European Capital of Democracy 2026 call!

About the Initiative

The European Capital of Democracy Initiative has built a strong network of Cities fostering participation. Together with citizens, politicians, and institutions we are improving our democracies.

After a most successful start of the first Programme Year in Barcelona 2023/24, the next European Capital of Democracy 2024/25 will be the City of Vienna, opening its doors this November.

Citizens are invited to contribute

Democracy is our safest bet to protect our planet, restore peace, and secure a safe and prosperous future for us and our children. Become a Citizens’ Juror now and play a crucial role in strengthening and securing Europe’s democratic future!

Join us Building the European Capital of Democracy


Become a part of the European Capital of Democracy Programme Year.


Corporations, Foundations, and Organisations can build bridges for democratic innovation.


Your opportunity to play a key role in developing new forms of democratic practice.

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