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European City Network – Webinars

The ECoD City Network (ECN) fosters participation and gives cities a platform to share successful projects which have a lasting impact on the wellbeing of citizens and the environment. City representatives come together regularly to share their expertise and best practices in democracy promotion at the municipal level.

With the CERV-funded “European City Network” project, we are able to further develop the network and expand its activities, making it fit for growth. Sharing best practices and successful democracy and participation projects will inspire other cities to create impact in their communities by increasing the reach and impact of their projects, rebuilding citizens’ trust, and fostering their engagement on the local level.

There are three types of activities:

Physical Workshops: “Cities meet”
3-day long City Network Meetings focus on the host city’s field of expertise.
They consist of an interactive mix of workshops, field trips, and exchange with local organisations and stakeholders, plus networking opportunities.

Online Meetings: “Cities teach”
90-minute long webinars in which 3 member cities of the ECN present their best practices in the topic field to a wider audience.
Outline: Introduction, best-practice presentations, breakout sessions (3 in parallel), and a summary with the whole group.

Online Meetings: “Cities learn”
60-minute long webinars with external experts, proposed by the host city.
Outline: Introduction, experts’ input, followed by Q&A.

The focus topics of each of the host cities:
Barcelona (Spain): Digital transformation & democracy in the city
– Brussels (Belgium): Climate, green city & biodiversity
– Antwerp (Belgium): Youth participation
– Braga (Portugal): Senior participation
– Cascais (Portugal): Inclusive, social city development
– Bologna (Italy): Diversity & inclusion

The next webinar will be:

Cities Teach: Climate Assemblies, Green Cities & Biodiversity
On Thursday 14. March 2024, 14:00 – 15:30 (CET)

This webinar is hosted by the City of Brussels with local-expert input from:
– Marion Julien, Coordinator for the Climate and Cities in Transition Team, City of Brussels
– Gisela Martins, Head of the Environment Division, Municipality of Valongo
– Katherina Toth, Vienna -Climate Team, City of Vienna

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