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ECoD gemeinnützige GmbH

European Capital of Democracy
Ungargasse 59-61, 1030 Vienna, Austria
+43 660 1027903

Established: 3 December 2021
Companies’ register number: FN 568933t
VAT number: ATU77626829
Jurisdiction: Commercial Court Vienna
TR ID / EU transparency register: 073919148838-41


The purpose of the organisation is to promote democratic governance and strengthen social cohesion by promoting and expanding democratic participation and democratic awareness and by strengthening established and new forms of democratic practice in Europe.

The organisation’s activities, therefore, have the overarching aim of identifying, developing, promoting and applying socio-political innovations to strengthen democracy in Europe and beyond.

To ensure long-term and broadest possible societal benefits, the organisation promotes in particular

Strengthening identity
strengthening society’s awareness of and confidence in the democratic principle, with an inclusive approach in line with the European Convention on Human Rights and the aim of activating and involving as many citizens as possible,

Future orientation
a focus on future generations, including by promoting education, participation and digital literacy among children and young people,

viable and sustainable solutions that contribute to peaceful and democratic coexistence in a safe and clean environment.

ECoD gemeinnützige GmbH

Stefan Sindelar

The Innovation in Politics Institute GmbH (100%)


This website provides information on the ECoD gemeinnützige GmbH and its activities in the frame of the European Capital for Democracy Initiative. ECoD gemeinnützige GmbH is a Non-Profit Organisation operating internationally and above party lines, located in Vienna.


Accountability for content

The contents of our pages have been created with the utmost care. However, we cannot guarantee the contents’ accuracy, completeness or topicality. According to statutory provisions (§ 3 ECG), we are furthermore responsible for our own content on these web pages.

In this context, please note that we are accordingly not obliged to monitor merely the transmitted or saved information of third parties, or investigate circumstances pointing to illegal activity. Our obligations to remove or block the use of information under generally applicable laws remain unaffected by this.

Accountability for links

Responsibility for the content of external links (to web pages of third parties) lies solely with the operators of the linked pages. No violations were evident to us at the time of linking. Should any legal infringement become known to us, we will remove the respective link immediately.


Our web pages and their contents are subject to Austrian copyright law. Every form of utilizing, reproducing or processing works subject to copyright protection on our web pages requires the prior written consent of the respective owner of the rights. Individual reproductions of a work are allowed only for private use, so must not serve either directly or indirectly for earnings. Unauthorized utilization of copyrighted works is illegal and punishable.

Community Rules and Guidelines to be used for our channels

On our social media channels, we seek to give you an inside look at our work, the projects and programmes we’re developing, and our commitment to improving politics, strengthening democracy and fostering social cohesion in Europe and beyond.

We want to hear from you and encourage comments, questions, and suggestions. We believe that a healthy democracy thrives on lively and respectful discourse. That is why we ask you to read the following ground rules for how we moderate content and comments that appear on our channels:
– Keep your comments respectful and appropriate to the conversation.
– Off-topic posts or posts containing false information, unauthorized and/or unsolicited advertising, spam, hyperlinks or content protected by copyright, trademark or other rights will be removed.
– Do not post any content or comments that may be inappropriate, misleading, disruptive, harassing or defamatory.

We reserve the right to remove any comments or posts that violate our guidelines and that, in our sole discretion, we consider
– abusive, defamatory or inappropriate
– fraudulent, objectionable or misleading
– disruptive or off-topic
– in violation of any intellectual property or any rights of others
– otherwise offensive

We also reserve the right to block any repeat offenders from our communities.

European Capital of Democracy is not responsible for the personal opinions of employees expressed during their private time and on their personal communication channels.


Your data will be processed in the form of a “Joint Controllership” by The Innovation in Politics Institute GmbH, the Innovation in Politics Germany GmbH and the ECoD gemeinnützige GmbH. The Innovation in Politics GmbH is mainly responsible for this. 

We also use service providers, for example, to send you newsletters or postal mailings, to process your donations or to spread our messages in social media. For this purpose, we transmit the necessary data to the respective service providers, who are not third parties for us. In accordance with the applicable legal provisions, we have taken precautions to ensure that all our service providers handle the data used with appropriate care and comply with all legal provisions. This is also contractually defined for us.

The Innovation in Politics Institute GmbH, the Innovation in Politics Germany GmbH and ECoD gemeinnützige GmbH jointly operate data processing systems and commission data order processors. This decision of central, joint processing by means of a jointly operated contact database was made because in this way a better organisational implementation of requests for information, changes or deletion is achieved; taking into account the original first contact instance and across the organisational structure.

The main responsibility, both organisationally and legally, is borne by The Innovation in Politics Institute GmbH, whereby the individual tasks, responsibilities and duties are clearly distributed.

For more information on privacy and data protection, please see https://innovationinpolitics.eu/privacy/ 

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