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It’s time to stand up for democracy!

Democracy is our safest bet to protect our planet, restore peace, and secure a safe and prosperous future for us and our children. Become a Citizens’ Juror now and play a crucial role in strengthening and securing Europe’s democratic future.

Join our Europe-wide community of 10,000 democracy defenders to

> Contribute to the discussion
> Make your voice heard
> Promote your cause

As a member of the Citizens’ Jury you can 

> Add the role  as professional experience on your CV
> Give your feedback and opinions on burning issues
> Join information sessions, trainings & workshops

You will also select the very first European Capital of Democracy at the end of 2023*. 

*With a bit of luck, you will be invited to join the opening of the year-long Programme featuring democratic best practice, activities and events for participants and visitors from all over Europe.

Democracy needs you, and so do we. Apply now to become a Citizens’ Juror!

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