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Five Cities shortlisted for European Capital of Democracy 2024/25

Press Release, Vienna, 7 November 2023

Five Cities shortlisted for European Capital of Democracy 2024/25

Bratislava, Gdansk, Izmir, Leipzig and Vienna have been selected by the ECoD Experts’ Jury after a thorough evaluation process to compete for the title of European Capital of Democracy 2024/25. It will be up to the Citizens’ Jury to take the final decision.

All cities shortlisted for the second European Capital of Democracy competition have demonstrated a strong commitment to democratic principles, offering multifaceted approaches to enhance civic engagement. The decision is based on their innovative programs – both implemented and planned – to strengthen democracy and proven ability to foster collaboration and inspire cross-border action.

“We take pride in the shortlisted cities contending for the title European Capital of Democracy. They serve as a valuable source of inspiration and exemplify the daily pursuit of democratic ideals.”, states Antonella Valmorbida, Chairwoman of the Experts’ Jury. 

The competition will now proceed to the next stage, where a Citizens’ Jury currently comprising more than 4,000 Europeans will take the final decision between 24 November and 3 December 2023. The contender with the highest share of votes will take over the title of European Capital of Democracy from the first-ever title-holding city, Barcelona, when the city completes its programme in October 2024. 

“The shortlisted cities, Bratislava, Gdansk, Izmir, Leipzig, and Vienna, represent the forefront of democratic innovation and all of them are deserving candidates to become the European Capital of Democracy 2024/25. At this pivotal juncture of the European Capital of Democracy competition, we now invite everybody to become a Citizen Juror and help us determine the city that best embodies the principles of democracy and inspires us all”, highlights Helfried Carl, Founder of European Capital of Democracy.

You can find their applications here:

European Capitals of Democracy serve as a model of democratic excellence and take the lead within the ECoD City Network – fostering collaboration and exchange across Europe. A city holding the title enjoys a wide range of benefits, such as an enhanced international reputation as a centre of education and innovation, the opportunity to host international events, and of course a boost to civic pride. 

For more information about the competition, the shortlisted cities, and updates on the European Capital of Democracy 2024/25, please visit https://capitalofdemocracy.eu.

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