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Join the Citizens’ Jury!

You will play a crucial role in strengthening and securing Europe’s democratic future.

The European Capital of Democracy non-profit organisation is setting up a Citizens’ Jury of 10,000 Europeans. Pre-register here to become a Citizens’ Juror – and win two tickets for the Opening Ceremony of the ECoD Programme Year!

Our successful experiences with citizens’ juries—the credibility of the evaluation process, the outstanding quality of the results and their broad acceptance—encourage us to expand this instrument.

10,000 Citizens’ Jurors from all Council of Europe member states enjoying full rights of representation will select a European Capital of Democracy every year and serve as a unique sounding board and network for social issues such as participation, democracy, sustainability and intergenerational justice forms.

This network creates completely new opportunities for citizen participation and social research. An online platform (which is being developed at the moment) serves the jury members and community managers as a central hub for information, activation, exchange and participation in surveys and votes.

Democracy needs you – and so do we:

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