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Strengthening Democratic Ties: Kyiv and the European Capital of Democracy Forge Special Partnership

In a significant step towards fostering stronger democratic ties, representatives from the European Capital of Democracy City initiative (ECoD) recently met with delegates from Kyiv. The meeting took place in Vienna, setting the stage for a promising partnership that seeks to promote democratic values and to provide insights on how to maintain governance in times of war.

Maryna Khonda, Deputy Head of City Administration, and Maria Myleiko, responsible for International Relations in Kyiv, engaged in fruitful discussions with our team. Amidst moving updates on the situation in Ukraine, this meeting marked the beginning of a special partnership and a non-competitive membership of Kyiv in the ECoD City Network. An ECoD delegation will soon visit the Ukrainian capital for further deliberations. 

The meeting in Vienna laid the foundation for a special partnership between Kyiv and ECoD to strengthen democratic ties across Europe. By engaging in open discussions and sharing experiences, both parties aim to amplify democratic practices, enhance civic participation, and create lasting impacts within their communities. The non-competitive membership in the ECoD City Network ensures that the focus remains on mutual growth and collective efforts to build and uphold resilient democracies.

The ECoD City Network provides a platform for cities to share best practices, exchange ideas, and collaborate on initiatives that bolster democratic principles. Kyiv, a city with a rich history and an engaged youth population, has the potential to bring unique perspectives and innovative approaches to the Network. 

ECoD stands firmly with Kyiv, recognizing its resilience in the face of the Russian war of aggression. Acknowledging the efforts made by Kyiv in defending Europe’s freedom and values, the alliance between ECoD and Kyiv embodies this spirit of unity and support. In these trying times, fostering partnerships and collaborations that uphold democratic principles becomes even more crucial. 
To speak with the words of our founder, Helfried Carl: “We are very proud and grateful to the City of Kyiv to have reached out to us to join our initiative. We stand in full solidarity with Ukraine against the Russian war of aggression and want to highlight the fact that Ukraine is defending Europe’s freedom and values – and that democracy must never be the first victim of war.”

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