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TEDx Vienna proudly presents: THE ARGUMENT! 24 May, 7-10pm, House of Strauss

Debate and dialogue lie at the core of democracy! Our friends from TEDx Vienna are keenly aware of this and boldly ask hard-hitting questions such as: Should democracies ban anti-democratic political parties?

The Argument is a one-of-a-kind TEDx Salon event that merges the best of both worlds, TEDx Talks and debates, not only to spread exciting ideas, but most importantly, to challenge them. In an increasingly polarized world, The Argument offers a fresh perspective on meaningful, respectful and inspiring dialogue by infusing debates with powerful storytelling. The aim of The Argument is to leave you enlightened, inspired, and with a deeper appreciation of the diverse ways in which we view the world.

On 24 May, you can join an evening dedicated to open-mindedness and critical thinking, as two distinguished speakers engage in TEDx Talks and delve into profound discussions, challenging each other’s ideas on a specific argument: Angela Bourne and Ulrich Wagrandl, Postdoctoral

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About TEDx

In a conference-saturated world, the TEDx format stands out as a globally known symbol for innovation, imagination and hope. TEDxVienna has been recognized as being one of the top ten TEDx events in the world. The team builds on 13 years of passionate commitment, careful curation and hands-on experience to create memorable and one-of-a-kind TEDx events in Vienna, at the heart of Europe. TEDxVienna is a Non-Profit and is made possible by a dedicated team of volunteers who invest their time, knowledge and energy to bring ideas to life for their local community.

About the speakers

Dr. Angela Bourne is Professor (MSO) in European Politics at Roskilde University, Denmark. She has published widely on the politics of party bans, including a 2018 book on Democratic Dilemmas: Why democracies ban political parties (Routledge). She currently leads a team of researchers examining opposition to European populist parties and in 2023 published a book on Responding to Populist Parties in Europe: The Populist People vs the Other People (Oxford University Press). She has held posts at University of Aberystwyth and University of Dundee in the United Kingdom.

Ulrich Wagrandl is a Postdoctoral Research Associate and Teaching Fellow at Vienna’s University of Economics and Business. He did his PhD on the concept of militant democracy – a democracy that is willing to defend itself – in Austrian Constitutional Law. In his research, Ulrich focuses on the fundamental questions of public law and their historical and philosophical roots. Currently, he is working on his Habilitation thesis on the freedom of occupation (the right to choose one’s job and to conduct a business). He remains deeply interested in the future of liberal democracy and the many ways it can stay resilient.

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