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Why Become A European Capital Of Democracy?

We have all witnessed democracy becoming more and more fragile for quite some time now. Today, in 2022, the role of democracy and its values in securing a safe and free life for ourselves and our children has become very clear to most of us. The war in Ukraine shows that our democracy shouldn’t be taken for granted.

The question is, how to include and convince citizens and politicians all over Europe to join the fight for Democracy and to take an active part in strengthening it for everyone in society.

This is why we have developed the European Capital of Democracy Initiative, and this is why we are inviting you to join it: We are inviting all Cities with a population of over 100,000 within the Council of Europe member states enjoying full rights of representation to register for the chance to become the first ever European Capital of Democracy.

An incubator for Democracy

A city holding this title will enjoy a wide range of benefits, such as an enhanced international reputation as a centre of education and innovation, the opportunity to host international events and meetings of leading European politicians, and of course a boost to civic pride. International media coverage will focus on democratic best practice. The mayors of all Member Cities will present their most successful Democracy Projects during the European Capital of Democracy Programme Year.

A strong network of democratic Cities

All Cities joining the European Capital of Democracy Initiative will become part of an exclusive Network, will profit from mutual exchange of knowledge and experience, access to international expertise and cooperation. City representatives will participate in high-level workshops, capacity building and training programs and have the opportunity to attend events and conferences relevant to their fields of work.

The application process

During the application process, there is a dialogue between us and we will guide you through the different stages. All complete submissions will be evaluated by an expert jury, and the final decision will be made by a citizen’s jury of 10,000 Europeans. 

The title-holding City will be at the centre of Europe’s discourse on the future of democracy in 2023, hosting a year-long programme of exciting events, festivals and activities.

Please read our step-by-step guide to registering as a city and watch our video to find out how the European Capital of Democracy works.

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