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Introducing Art of Democracy

Art of Democracy was born from our strong belief that art is a seismograph of past and present social processes.

Bound by neither geography, nor language, artists often reflect on what is happening right now, and what moves us all. With aesthetic tools they analyze the DNA of our society from an unaccustomed perspective. This often allows them to foretell what might come, and to span bridges where developments in society have opened an abyss.  

Our Art of Democracy Art Festival will be part of the yearly programme (starting in 2023) in the annually designated European Capital of Democracy (ECoD) (for further information, please visit https://capitalofdemocracy.eu).

However, Art of Democracy will be on tour already from September 2022 onwards – as Art of Democracy – POST IT NOW

As one of many Art of Democracy Festival projects it will travel in Europe and will appear as a guest at events and festivals throughout  Europe. Starting in September 2022, Styriarte, Graz/Austria – Charity Concert for Ukraine, Styriarte, 18 September 2022, Oliver Hangl’s intervention starts on 16 September.

About Art of Democracy – POST IT NOW

In his urban interventions Austrian artist Oliver Hangl confronts the human being and the environment, and pushes the boundaries between physical and psychological spaces, playfully connecting both worlds. His Post-It’s will appear throughout the city, where the Festivals take place, with quotes related to what challenges Democracy today –  so that everyone will be able to pick what she/he finds most relevant. And, quotes will appear in open and closed spaces, written in crayon, to enable enacting Democracy by walking.

We invite everyone to join us in our idea to motivate and help people to actively strengthen democracy at local and international levels, to participate in the discourse and come together to support an open, just and free society.

Art of Democracy” is a format developed by The Innovation in Politics Institute.

For more information on the European Capital of Democracy Programme Year, please refer to the ECoD website or contact: Dunja Ganser, Senior Consultant, dg@innovationinpolitics.eu

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