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Innovation in Politics Awards

The seventh edition of the annual Innovation in Politics Awards will distinguish 80 projects of best practices across 7 categories (Climate Protection Democracy, Democracy Technologies, Education, Administration Improvement, Local Development, Party Innovation, and Social Cohesion). A European-level citizen jury, composed of 1,086 members, has selected ten finalists and one winner for each category. Round tables, debate panels, and presentations will offer numerous opportunities to meet and establish contacts with an audience of nearly five hundred innovative political figures from across Europe. In addition to the well-deserved recognition, the winners will have access to a prominent platform that will allow them to showcase their remarkable achievements and expand their networks with new connections.

The winning projects will be announced at the international gala to be held in Barcelona on May 2nd, as part of the European Capital of Democracy.

The citizen jury, composed of more than a thousand citizens from across Europe, has highlighted these projects based on criteria of innovation, sustainability, and impact.

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